What is the Gas Centre

A Gas Centre dedicated to economies in transition


The UNECE Gas Centre was launched in 1994 as a technical cooperation programme

“Promotion and Development of a Market-Based Gas Industry in Economies in Transition -

the Gas Centre”. It was established to assist governments and gas companies in Central and Eastern Europe in their efforts to create more decentralized and market-based gas industries.

Today, in addition to contributing to institutional capacity development and training for the benefit of economies in transition, the Gas Centre activities are focussed on:

  • Exchange of information and data between the member companies on
    the gas markets and gas industry and especially between member
    companies with experience in free-market conditions and companies in
    countries with an economy in transition;
  • Exchange of information and views between the gas industry, the
    ECE and goverment on policy issues;
  • Serving as a platform for discussions on topics of interest and
    policy development.

The programme is extra-budgetary and financed by some 20 major gas companies, state-owned and private, from Europe, the United States and the Mediterranean Basin, namely:

AFRIQUIA GAZ (Morocco) – BOTAS Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (Turkey) – EDF (France) – EDISON (Italy) – Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) (Egypt) – Eni Gas and Power (Italy) – GAIL (India) – GasNatural Fenosa (Spain) – GAZNAT (Switzerland) – GAZPROM (Russia) – GDFSUEZ (France) – KazMunaiGaz (Kazakhstan) – MOL/FGSZ Ltd (Hungary) – NJSC NAFTOGAZ/UKRTRANSGAS AC (Ukraine) – OMV Gas & Power GmbH(Austria) – PLINACRO (Croatia) -ROMGAZ (Romania) – PLINOVODI (Slovenia) – SOCAR (Azerbaijan) – SRBIJAGAS (Serbia) – STEG (Tunisia) – SWISSGAS (Switzerland)
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